When choosing a catering company in Utah, you want to be sure to take a good look at their menu. That said, remember that with some catering companies, you are not limited just to the menu they have on their website! That happens to be the case for FiftyThree Catering!

As your caterers, we believe that we work for you, not the other way around. This means that we are happy to adjust our menu, make new creations, cook up an old family recipe, or do whatever we can to make sure your special event is exactly how you envision it. 

Of course, if you want to stick with one of our sample menus, you can certainly do that! After all, they are pretty tasty if we do say so ourselves! In today’s blog, we’re going to provide an introduction to our catering menu to give you some ideas of what the food at your next event might look like. Whether you need wedding catering for hundreds of guests or a simple lunch for a business meeting, we’ve got you covered with fresh ingredients, decadent recipes, and beautiful plating arrangements. Keep reading to learn more about our menu options! 

Taco And Slider Bars

This is one catering option that everyone seems to love. Perfect for midday wedding or casual event, our taco and slider bars offer something that everyone will enjoy. 

Our slider bar typically comes with the option of beef, chicken, or pork complete with all of the toppings you might need. We offer casual sides to match that include onion rings, sweet potato fries, salad, or shoestring fries. 

The taco bar can turn an event into a fiesta with chicken, pork, or steak for your filling and freshly made salsa included with the standard toppings. 

Wood-Fired Pizza

Our wood-fired pizza is a unique way to add flair to a “pizza party.” Complete with breadsticks and salad, our wood-fired pizza catering options include classic pepperoni and cheese, BBQ chicken, buffalo chicken, Margherita, and sausage. 

Farmer’s Market

During our hot summers, it can be tempting to choose a lighter option than pizza or burgers. That’s where our equally delicious farmer’s market menu comes in handy! Choose a protein (coconut chorizo chicken, braised short ribs, or Santa Maria-style tri-tip), a hot side (goat cheese whipped potatoes, truffle mac and cheese, or roasted veggies), and finally, pick a few cold salad options (serrano caesar kale, wild berry spinach, balsamic couscous, or lemon quinoa). The farmer’s market menu is ideal for catered corporate lunches or weddings!

BBQ Luau

When it comes to themed catering for weddings and other events, you can’t go wrong with a luau! This option is full of flavor. For your protein, you can choose between barbecue pork or chicken, and include a number of sides ranging from jasmine rice to macaroni salad. 

Market Trio

Another healthy option, the market trio menu is great for wedding catering! Choose between beef tenderloin, smoked chicken legs, or balsamic cherry steak for your protein. Your sides include grilled asparagus, roasted vegetable medleys, quinoa, cauliflower puree, farro, and others! 

Italian Feast

For a truly decadent catering for weddings and galas, we recommend our upscale Italian option. All of our Italian catering meals come with rolls and citrus water, as well as your choice of citrus-infused rice, garlic mashed potatoes, or seasonal vegetables. We have various levels to fit your budget and the needs of your guests that include three full courses. The first course can include a vinaigrette salad, caesar salad, roasted mushroom bisque, or harvest butternut squash soup. For the main course, we offer Santa Fe chicken pasta, New York strip, grilled tenderloin with sauteed shrimp, salmon filet with cilantro butter, herb-crusted prime rib, and macadamia nut-crusted halibut, to name just a few. Finally, no Italian feast would be complete without dessert! Choose from creme brulee, lemon cake, triple chocolate mousse cake, or homemade cheesecake with raspberry coulis. 


Speaking of dessert, we have plenty of scrumptious dessert options for you to add to any catering menu! We love creating unique desserts, and can even bake famous family desserts that have been passed down from your great-great-grandma! And we promise, we won’t tell anyone what the secret ingredient is! 

Our other desserts include our famous cookie shooters with your choice of chocolate chip, toffee, white chocolate macadamia, Nutella-stuffed chocolate chip, or peanut butter cookies. We also love impressing your guests with liege waffles with all of the sweet toppings you could imagine including bananas, strawberries, peanut butter, Nutella, whipped cream, and ice cream — we especially recommend this unique catering option for baby showers and bridal parties!

For a more traditional dessert, you can choose lemon bars, cheesecake bars, or brownies. We also offer churros, cake bites, French macaroons, and much more! If you’re curious about a certain dessert, just ask

Looking For Unique Catering For Weddings And Other Events?

At FiftyThree Catering, we truly want to ensure our catering services are exactly what you want for your special event. This includes working with you to create a menu you are happy with that will fit the theme, atmosphere, and budget of your upcoming event. Reach out to us today to inquire and learn more about our services and what FiftyThree Catering can do for you

For party, corporate, and wedding catering in Provo, Orem, Salt Lake City, and any of the surrounding areas, choose FiftyThree Catering!