Are you looking for corporate catering in Utah? If you are organizing any of the events below, you should be! 

Fifty-Three Catering is Utah’s premier corporate caterer serving up fresh food, beautiful presentation, and menus to fit any budget. From full-service, four-course meals to casual buffets to breakfast foods and desserts, we do it all. Our tasty recipes and stellar customer service will have your employees and guests feeling full — emotionally and physically! We never compromise when it comes to our ingredients and always buy local when we can. We make each flavor shine and create an experience for you and your guests, not just a meal. 

Below, learn more about our corporate catering services and make sure to give us a call if you are organizing any of these work-related events! 

Events That Need Corporate Catering

Professional Development Training

No one is going to be able to learn on an empty stomach. However, you also don’t want to distract your employees from the training with food. When scheduling professional development training and offering food, we suggest serving food during the beginning of the event while doing an interactive exercise that allows employees to mingle while they eat. That way, by the time you get into the nitty-gritty of the training, they have full tummies and are ready to pay attention. 

Mandatory Meetings Around Lunch Time

Scheduling mandatory meetings at noon is a sure way to get employees to grumble. Unfortunately, sometimes that is the only time that will work out. Create a fair trade-off for their time by offering a catered corporate lunch. Since these meetings typically follow a strict agenda, choosing something simple and quick-to-serve is a good option. 

Visiting Clients Or Special Guests

If you have clients coming in from out of town and will be conducting business on-site, you can impress them by offering a delicious catered lunch. This prevents them from having to find their own food in a new town and also makes a great impression. 

All-Hands Meetings

Corralling the entire company together can be challenging whether you have 50 employees or 500. When you do call for a long all-hands meeting, having catered snacks can help ensure not only that everyone shows up (who would turn down free food?) but also that they aren’t distracted by rumbling bellies during the meeting. 

Company Picnic

Company picnics are a wonderful way to include your employees’ families in all of the fun. When it comes to a company picnic you can choose to hire a pitmaster to grill up some burgers and dogs, but that’s a little old-hat. Instead, hire a caterer for your corporate picnic that can add a little more flair. Make sure to choose a picnic-worthy catering menu such as sliders or wood-fired pizza that even the kiddos will love. 

Holiday Party

Holiday parties are a great time to treat your employees to something a little extra special. While company picnics are all about families, holiday parties are typically a grown-up affair and should include a more upscale menu. When looking for a catering menu for a company party, we suggest offering a few entree choices that will fit various dietary restrictions and needs. 

Volunteer Events

If your employees are getting together for a large volunteer event, having a catered breakfast is an awesome way to kick off the day! We are famous for our giant waffles that make a great breakfast option! 

Ribbon Cutting Celebration

Whether you’re officially opening your business or just opening up a new office, a ribbon cutting ceremony is a great way to symbolize the new beginning and generate some buzz while you’re at it. If you’re inviting the public to your ribbon cutting ceremony or you’re keeping the party for employees-only, make sure to hire a caterer who can impress everyone! 

Choose Us For Your Corporate Catering

Our customizable menu is perfect for catered corporate events. Whether you are feeding a few important clients or throwing a party for the entire company and their families, Fifty-Three Catering can help make the event memorable and exciting. 

Our gourmet dishes are made with fresh and local ingredients by amazing chefs, so you can depend on the quality. We offer a huge menu that includes casual favorites like a taco bar or sliders as well as more delectable offerings including beef tenderloin or balsamic cherry steak. We can even do themed events, such as a BBQ luau! 

Best of all, unlike some other corporate caterers, with us, you are never limited to our main menu. We are always happy to create a unique menu just for your event. We can meet a number of dietary restrictions and ensure that all of your guests have something they’ll love. 

Get in touch with Fifty-Three Catering today to discuss your Utah corporate catering needs!