People say they’re getting together for a wedding or a business meeting, but secretly, they’re just there for the food. Why? Because people congregate around food. They just do. The problem is, if you’re the one responsible for feeding everyone, you’ve got to make it good! Guests won’t forget the food, especially if it was totally delicious. FiftyThree Catering is here to make your event memorable in the most delicious way. Most importantly, we’re here to do the heavy lifting for you and make your job easier with incredible catering in Utah.

A Truly Customizable Menu

Whether you’re feeding family members at a reunion, hardworking peers at a business meeting, or guests with high expectations at a wedding, we work with you to build a unique menu that will give your event incredible flavor. We can dress your menu all the way up to fine dining or relax it into casual eats. It’s all up to you. Have an old cookie recipe from your grandma? Give it to us, and we’ll bake a bunch! We are here to make your menu work for you.

Our fresh, locally-sourced food is not only delicious but nutritious as well, which means your menu will delight your guests no matter what they choose. We’re Utah’s Best in State for a reason!

A Completely Different Catering Experience

Some caterers bring in the food and expect you to have everything set up for them. Others don’t even bring the food, leaving you to pick it up, set it up, serve it up, and clean up afterward. We aren’t like that. When we said we’re here to do the heavy lifting, we meant it! Our full-service catering team handles transportation, serving, set up and take down. We’ve been doing this for more than eight years, and each year of satisfied guests is proof that full service is simply the best method. That way, your guests have the best experience and you get to relax.

Enjoy the Best Catering Utah Has to Offer

We believe that catering is about more than just feeding people. It’s about creating an experience. As a host, you know if you need elegance, fine dining, casual eats, or very light options. We work with you to make sure your guests experience exactly what you require. Our locally-sourced cuisine delights all palettes and our team is proud to go the extra mile for you.

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